Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's Cookin' Colonel Sanders?

Today's outfit is so finger lickin' good, it requires a post all its own. That's right--the Colonel Sanders Bow Tie.

"I still remember wearing that little bow tie...I hated it." (via)

While I empathize with his plight, he does look adorable. Perhaps it's the slightly Eastern European flavor of his coat, and his hair, carefully combed and set in place for a big day. But to appreciate that, it's really important to see the outfit in context.

"I could never put my feet next to one another. I liked standing like my dad." (via)

Clearly, the pale, monochromatic outfit was a family trend, although Mom, who looks rather nervous and uncomfortable here, was breaking out with her maroon skirt. Dad and son look serious, staring at that camera with intensity.

What was the day's big event? That's right. First Communion.

And as if to prove that venue was somewhere in Europe, note the boy in sandals with knee socks--always good for a formal occasion.

I must say--it seems rather unfair that Europeans have an ability to rock outfits that would make most Americans look and feel completely idiotic. I'm not saying these kids didn't hate their clothes, but merely that the hating cannot obscure the fact that they can make these things look cute. Is it something in the water?

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