Saturday, January 30, 2010

Is that supposed to match?

"I can't decide--do we look like the Joad's [sic] or Bonnie and Clyde (think rabbit equals machine gun)?
Now, I know we all joke with our parents (especially our mothers) about how they dressed us as children, but I do [feel] like I've got a legitimate case on dress code violations!" (via)

The only thing working in this photo is those lilacs. Of course, I guess I could say that there are many elements that are STUNNING. The mid-calf shorts. The black socks with sneakers. The shirt/shorts combination. The hair--oh, the hair.

The hand on hip. The Scout-like countenance. The Ed Grimley effect with how high the shorts are pulled up past her hips. Checkerboard pattern! Her brother's big 'ole patches on his jeans. The scrub they are standing in. The shirt buttoned to the neck. And of course, the stuffed rabbit.

Clearly a day meant for the family photo logs. Enjoy!

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