Tuesday, January 26, 2010

That kid is smokin'

A question for readers--Does headgear count as a "my parents made me wear this?"

"I can't believe my parents made me wear that contraption." (via)

Okay, the reason I think this qualifies is that this poor child was forced to wear this headgear while posing with someone else! The humiliation! And, he was also forced to wear those glasses with his headgear. That is a therapy double-whammy right there.

Our next young man was perhaps in need of several kinds of intervention.

"It's not that I'm pretending to smoke that worries me. It's what my parents made me wear!!!" (via)

More things concern me here--although yes, he and I are in total agreement about the faux fair-isle cardigan sweater with printed t-shirt. That is not something I would pair with the Batman t-shirt he is wearing underneath.

More troublesome to me is the copious amounts of alcohol behind him, which is an interesting combination with the Santa Pez dispenser. Is there some kind of fancy bar drink I am not aware of? "I'll have a Vodka-Cranberry-and Pez."
I am also assuming that the small cans on the shelf are beer, in which case, why warm beer? Does that go better with a cigar? This boy had several reasons to drown his sorrows.

Finally, this boy's shirt combines many compelling elements--purple, the zippered neck, and the ribbed fabric. So delightful. Don't you think his loving parents thought he would look cheerful and carefree for his school photo?

No surprise that he says "My parents made me wear this." (via)

My only question is-was it short-sleeves? To me, this is a short-sleeve garment, perhaps worn with a pair of hip huggers.

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