Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year's Baby from My Parents Made Me Wear This

This little niblet is your Happy New Year baby from My Parents Made Me Wear This. Okay, so little is not so much the term for a baby of this size, nicknamed Boomer.

Surprisingly, this young man is of normal proportions now. And incredibly, unscarred, despite being clothed in this sailor suit. (Even the bear looks wide-eyed and horrified.)

Of course, I will say that this particular sailor suit strikes my fancy much more than others I've seen. I'm digging the crest on the front since it reminds me of a generic Hollywood movie costume emblem for a military operation against some threatening fascist incursion.
Or aliens. (Starship Troopers, anyone?)

Happy New Year from Boomer and I. We both look forward to spending some quality time together in 2010.

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