Saturday, January 23, 2010

International Day

It's a shame when parents force a child to embrace their family history in the form of a fashion faux-pas.

"The dress I am wearing is from Sweden...and the sweater is from Norway...My parents made me wear that outfit in the 17th of May parade in 5th grade. I remember being completely embarrassed and feeling like the biggest nerd in the world..." (via)

Sometimes, family history is not a good thing.

And do you think she was actually forced to wear this with members of some sporting team? Or were those letter jackets for band? I am thinking band, which makes it even sadder that they look cooler than her. (No offense intended to any special readers who may have been high school band members. I still recall my darling cardigan with letter from my junior high school marching band. What's better than a cardigan with a white turtleneck?)

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