Friday, January 15, 2010

My parents made me wear this-Germany

This young one forces us to remember that fashion tragedies transcend border divisions.

Here was one of twins, "Molly," in Germany, circa 1970s.
"I remember that blouse. My mom made them for us both. It was itchy." (via)

But that fabric is fly! And the collar! I feel like I am looking at David Cassidy, dressed for a Partridge Family concert. Can't you picture Susan Dey in this one?

Things weren't much better when Molly and her sister went to school.

"First day of school-Before Photo:
Note the fear and uncertainty written on our faces...the desperate hand-holding, the severe bangs. Note also: We are dressed identically by our mother in our little vests and skirts, so as to completely confuse and confound our new teacher."

But Mom wanted special photos to commemorate this day!

"First Day After Photo:
Mom has most certainly threatened us with bodily harm if we do not smile and look happy. Note the desperate hand-clutching remains." (via)

At the very least, they had each other to share their misery.

The next young one looks like she is in a stupor over the dress she has been forced to wear for her birthday party.

"My mom made ALL my clothes...until I was 12." (via)

That's right-12-years-old! And the shiny fabric looks so breathable, with itchy lace to accent every possible edge.

I am also LOVING the two girls in matching plaid and ruffles--again a possible Patridge Family outfit? Puke green and Yellow-two colors that look divine with almost any skin tone.

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