Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Family that Ascots together

Make sure that you scroll ALLLLL the way down in this post because the end is absolutely NOT to be missed.

Today's first young woman asks the following question "I don't know whether or not I should be mad at my mom for this outfit." (via)

Yes, dear one, you should. Oh yes, you should.

"Clara"--titled this photo "Who are we and why are we wearing these awful clothes?"

She also says of her brother "He's laughing at my outfit!" (via) I'm kind of liking his stripy shirt, but I suspect big sister's dress was actually a nightgown. If not, oh my.

This is the kind of outfit I would have worn, if it were a nightgown, when my parents took me to the drive-in on a hot summer night. Since they knew I was destined to fall asleep in the back of the car, we'd stay for a double feature. The drive-in was where I saw Slapshot, which also meant it was the first time I saw a naked man's butt. (Remember when that guy takes his clothes off on the ice?) My parents thought I was asleep, but I remember peering through the front window, confused and bleary-eyed, but curious. The drive-in was also where I saw The Boob Tube and Kentucky Fried Movie, both classic feature films.

Today's finale leaves me speechless.

"This is a scanned photo of my father, my brother and I circa 1972 in our old apartment. My dad used to work in the Men's department of this large department store in Newark, NJ called Bamberger's, where he always brought home the latest 'hip' fashions of the day.
As you can see, both my father and brother are resplendent in their Herman and the Hermits finery, and I am doing what only be described as my best contemporary Austin Powers impersonation. I even took a school portrait in that get-up.
You have GOT to respect a kid in a silk, paisley-print ascot." (via)

I am completely in awe of this photo. I am loving this family and how serious these three look here. I am especially digging dad and I feel like he belongs in a film I wish someone had made. I also love how baby boy--and again, with the BELT--looks like he is sucking in his cheeks, looking mature to fit in with the older men in his life. I could try to be witty here, say more, but I feel like these guys really stand on their own, speak for themselves, make their own way in the world. Really, what could I say to top anything?

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