Monday, January 4, 2010

A little bit of sunshine for a cold, if not cloudy, day

There's an arctic front moving in, it's getting chilly, and I just wish I had something like this hot little number.

Here's what "Talia", our fashion forward young lady, had to say about her old snowsuit:
"I think I look rad. Who doesn't look good in bright yellow?"

I look terrible in yellow, but if I could have had this rockin' snowsuit, perhaps I wouldn't have cared.

A few things I feel I must point out: The pompom on the hat. The only pompoms I had were the enormous pink ones on the front of my ice skates. I loved them, but I admit, they did make it harder to skate because they flopped around too much. And the little bells got quite annoying after a while. This did not, however, prevent me from having virtually identical pompoms on my roller skates.

What of dear "Talia's" white boots? Here's what I wonder-Were they the same style as my rainboots, where I actually wore my regular boots or shoes underneath and they buttoned with a bit of ineffectual elastic across the ankle? (They were also worn with Arnold's Rye bread bags over my shoes.) Or, were Talia's awesome boots made of some kind of faux fur? Sealskin?

This particular outfit also required a close-up because I HAD to see what was on those pockets.

Of course, snowmobiles! The sport of young children! And leather mittens! So warm and cozy, and looking slightly large for what must have been rather tiny fingers.

A comment on many of the early 70s outfits I've been showcasing on My Parents Made Me Wear This--What the heck was up with all the BELTS? Did the presence of so many fabrics not known in nature mean that clothes, including full-body snowsuits and jumpers, tended to fall down more? I sense a theme here.

Thanks again to Talia for the Sunshiny Day!

UPDATE: Talia says "HOW did we ever survive without tech fabrics? I must have frozen in that looks thin. I remember those white boots. They were the stiffest plastic but I wore them all the time. So indeed, we all survived...just goes to show you!!"
I'm a little disappointed that they aren't sealskin, but environmentally pleased.

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