Friday, January 29, 2010

Little Miss Hee Haw

If only it were Earth Day, this photo is so green, it would just be perfect.

"Hideous Green Outfits, September 1976.
I can't believe mom made us wear these...what on earth was she thinking???" (via)

I like that the detail goes down to the matching hairstyles. And of course, one of my faves--the sandals with socks. No one wants chilly toes!
One question--what were they wearing under the jackets and did that match too?

This woman calls her photo "Little Miss Hee Haw," and I think she is funnier about it than I could ever be.

"Even Mary Ingalls thinks I look like a hillbilly, and that chick's freaking blind.
My mom sewed this whole outfit (including the bonnet) for Rodeo Day. What? Your town didn't have a holiday where all the schools let out so the students could get their poultry gussied up for the livestock show?
It wasn't until I was in my 20's when I realized that Rodeo Day was in fact not a national holiday. Actually, I suspect my school just switched out Martin Luther King Jr. Day with Rodeo Day. Because who needs to celebrate the life of a civil rights hero who fought for equality when you could be q-tipping your bunny rabbits ears for judging? Those bunnies aren't going to groom themselves, people. Geez." (via)

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