Friday, January 8, 2010

Big Daddy Pimpin'

I start today with the confession that I'm still reeling from yesterday's ascots. ASCOTS ON THE ENTIRE FAMILY!!
How can it get any better than that?

Alas, I must try.

Today, I focus on one poor soul.
Here's how "Tony" describes this outfit:
"My brother Andy and I, dressed like little Mafia hit-men on Easter Sunday, 1968. Not everyone dressed like a hippie in the spring of 1968.
We're standing in the dining room of our apartment...We're most likely dressed up to go to an Easter dinner at my grandmother's house.

It looks as if we're wearing tweed. If that's the case, my smile is forced because tweed itches. And I hate itchy clothes. We're wearing white shirts and bowties under our overcoats. I'm guessing, but I think that spending my childhood dressed like a miniature old man may have given me the devil-may-care attitude I have toward clothing today." (via)

Looks comfy for an egg hunt, doesn't it?

My husband says that the kid on the left reminds him of Biggie Smalls. But then, double-breasted always makes one look barrel-chested.

Alas, Tony's clothing nightmare didn't end there.

"Me. 1974. Age 10. All dressed up and no place to ho.
We didn't dress like hippies in 1968, but we sure dressed like pimps in 1974.
I don't know what strange force drove my family to choose to dress me in this Superfly getup. At age 10 one could and should start exercising some choice over one's own clothes. I can attest that that didn't happen in this case. I didn't know what knickers were before I was presented with this outfit, so it's highly unlikely I would have asked for them.

This ensemble was purchased at the Lord & Taylor's on Route 22...Don't hold it against them. Also, we really can't blame my parental units. I mean, this WAS hip in those days. How were they to know that the only 20th century clothes that would never go out of style were jeans and a t-shirt? Nowadays, any parents who dress their kids like this could be brought up on multiple child abuse charges. But in 1974, this was the way to be seen.

Also, burgundy?? Burgundy?? Ok, granted, burgundy was the color of the 70s, but jeez Louise!" (via)

He thinks pimp, but I think this boy looks perfectly appropriate, for a stage production of the classic feature film Newsies. Anything that requires the wearing of a matching cap is always a good thing.

A question: Was this really hip back in the day? I don't think so Tony. Let's be real here. And yes, you can blame your parental units, in extreme cases such as these.

And again with the belted outfit! Built-in belts. Always fashion forward.

The one thing I cannot tell is if the shirt underneath his vest has a zippered neck. I remember these zipper pulls--large, round, decorative hoops. Somehow, for me, this breaks the formality of the outfit. I see a ribbed turtleneck, or perhaps a button down, but a zipper neck?

Of course, you know what would top this outfit off nicely? That's right--a matching ascot.

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