Sunday, January 3, 2010

Everyone looks better in an ascot!

Today's first photo makes me feel nostalgic. I, too, had a nightgown with a matching bonnet, although mine was rockin' a Holly Hobbie theme on the front. (When I met Holly Hobbie, a few years ago, I felt like I was in the presence of celebrity.)

"Me and my sis when I was three or four. Not only did I hate bedtime (afraid of the dark and unable to let go of the day) but look at that outfit. No wonder I'm so unhappy." (via)

Here's my own true confession. After my dad took me to see the Star Trek movie where Chekov had some kind of animal inserted into his ear, I would sneak out of bed each night to put on a bonnet or hat that covered my ears. I also had an irrational fear of earwigs.

This next special lady shares my distain for her glasses.

"12 years old, maybe 13. I made sure back then that as few pictures of me with glasses were taken as possible." (via)

Strangely, she does not mention her sailor suit or shoulder pads. I like the combination of red shoes and hairbow to add a little pizazz to the overall look.

Sometimes, our siblings recognize the horror of the items our parents have made us wear.

"Holy Cow! Would you get a load of my brother's outfit? I am at a loss for words. Also, does it or does it not look like I am wearing dentures?" (via)

My husband digs this kid's belted shorts, and feels a kinship with him after his own childhood outfits. Also, is this little boy crying or laughing?

Today's final photo is perhaps one of my favorites ever. There is almost nothing to say beyond what this boy's sister says.

"Is that an ASCOT?" (via)

Where did one even FIND an ascot for a child? It doesn't look like it came with the pants, since the colors are slightly different. Was it a matching set with the shirt and ascot? Available from the boy's section at JC Penney or Sears?

Also, are these two sitting in front of a piece of ripped wallpaper, torn from the wall in anger at this outfit?

I'm almost exhausted from the quality of this photo, and the idea that I will have to follow it up with more hated outfits. How can I ever top this? (Help me out--send your photos to myparentsmademewearthis at gmail dot com.)

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