Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some photos feel like a present for me

My feeling is that it is always the right time for some holiday cheer.

"Matching Christmas outfits. Endlessly humiliating." (via)

I think the girl on the rocker feels fancy and fabulous. Her sister, on the other hand, has a slightly demonic look on her face. Is she rubbing her hands together like a villain, thinking of her next evil deed and laughing mischeviously?

This photo feels like a little gift to me.

"Me as a kid with my parents in our matching outfits." (via)

Much to say. Thoughts coming faster than I can type. Almost can't control myself!

Bandanna fabric--always one of my faves. I love it with the matching afghan on the back of the sofa. My grandmother made those, and why were they always in pastel colors? Perhaps acrylic yarn only comes in those colors.

Next-is Dad high in this photo? Note that both he and mom are wearing t-shirts under their bandana shirts. I assume that this is so he can remove the shirts as soon as possible, once the picture taking is over and his damn mother-in-law gets off his case for once. He's looking for a job, damnit! And if he smokes a little weed, who does it hurt?

I am also in love with Mom's barrettes. I went through a phase of holding back my bangs like that, with little kid barrettes worn when I was in my grudge, living in the pacific northwest and wearing gas station attendant jackets phase. Why couldn't I have had a bandanna shirt too???

Finally, what's up with the date on this photo? Did she take a photo of her photo? I like the low tech approach. No scanners necessary.

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