Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Election Day-Get out the vote Massachusetts!

It's election day here in Massachusetts, and how better to celebrate than with a bit of school picture patriotism!
"I don't know what year this is...but I'd guess 1976 by the very patriotic shirt my mom made me wear. I'm also not very fond of my semi-Dorothy Hamill haircut. Oy!" (via)

I had some similarly rockin' garb for the big Bicentennial. Stars and Stripes bell bottoms that I wore when we went to watch the Tall Ships come to New York. I think there may also have been face painting involved.

Here is my rationale for including the next photo:
These children have clearly been forced by their parents to be on this White Shadow team. There is no way any self-respecting child would wear these uniforms of their own accord. And since their parents obviously signed them up for this team...

"Only the coach's jacket is worse than our uniforms." (via)
Langley Park Rules! Go Cardinals!!

This Dapper Dan was all dressed up for his big sister's wedding, circa 1977.

"What! Whatever possessed my parents to dress me in this stupid little bow tie and brown shirt. The only time you catch me wearing bow ties are when I am doing my miming at childrens' parties wearing my mime clothes, my white hat, white face, and a gold bow tie." (via)

I wonder if he hires out for parties. It's tough to find a good mime these days.
His only mistake is in calling that bow tie "little". I do, however, like the varying shades of tan and brown--such a festive color.

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