Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What is that on my head?

From time to time, it's important to remember that not all fashion montrosities are from times past. Alas, we make the same mistakes as our parents.

This mother admits what she is doing to her own children, all for sake of her own grandmother.

"Okay, so about the matching outfits...NOT my grandma bought them and my aunt brought them back from Hawaii...Figured I should take a picture of them in the outfits and send it to my grandma. Aren't I a good granddaughter? Of course I am." (via)

Here is my question: When do we say "stop the insanity?" Enough's enough! We must end the generational passing on of such atrocities! Of course, the little girl in this photo has her own thing goin' here with the slightly worn off tattoos my own son still loves. Gummy residue always looks good in formal photos.

The next photo looks like fun was had by all at this wedding!

"My Mum (in black)
My dad (the only man)
Me...The little girl with the ugly outfit and the breeds.
the bride...I don't remember her." (via)

I sincerely, almost desperately, hope that she meant braids.
I, too, wore culottes in my younger days. What I like here, is that the culottes have been matched with a variation on tube socks. And as we've seen many times, white socks and black shoes! Classy.

Mum looks pleased to be there, doesn't she? As if she is sucking on something sour, or trying not to comment on the fact that her husband's ex-girlfriend was a guest at the wedding and didn't he know she would be there so why did he drag her to this backyard in god knows where to spent their Saturday posing by someone's front door, damnit.

And the blushing bride seems pushed awkwardly into that bit of shrubbery. Happy though, don't you think?

I heartily agree with the poor girl in this next outfit.

"I'm speechless about this outfit. I've always cringed when I've looked at the photos from this party." (via)

I think it deserves a second look, in context.

Nope, still just as awful, even next to that ridiculous dress the obvious "birthday girl" is wearing.

Perhaps more appalling than the outfit is the fact that this birthday party was CLEARLY HELD AT BURGER KING! Remember those parties people? Yup, I went to one for my childhood friend Paul--secretly excited because I wasn't allowed to have that kind of food at my house.

The problem was--what the heck do you DO at Burger King for the length of a children's party? There was no play structure, no organized activities, no funny characters to entertain. Instead, we ran crazily around the place, making lunch miserable for other diners simply seeking a bit of peace for the midday luncheon.

I liked the fries and whatever bizarro sundae in a cup they served us. Other than that, I remember being bored. But I did love wearing a crown.

The next young lady did not feel similarly about the lovely item she wore on her head.

"My mom made this outfit and then made me pose in the ugly thing. What the hell is that on my head???" (via)

If she would merely look a few posts back, she would see that this was the ever-popular bonnet, beloved by makers of pajamas and by women who made their children's clothes. (I am digging her sandals, although her feet are virtually disappearing in the sea of green shag--always a nice touch with panelling in the rec room.)

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