Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thank goodness the kids are so cute!

These cutie brothers bore the unfortunate cross of a mother who loved the matchy matchy.

"1984 or 4 I'd guess...Mum always made us wear matching clobber on school photo day - nice!" (via)

Okay, I did have to look up what clobber means and apparently, in England, it does mean clothing. Of course, it could also mean what happened to these boys for wearing matching outfits to school.
I love how huge the chest icon is on that sweater. Much cooler than the Le Tigre I sported in my passport photo at around the same time--pale blue with a striped ribbon in my hair, and white jazz shoes with baby blue laces to match my shirt.

This girl is so rockin' her tortoise shell glasses, who cares about her ugly handmade dress?

"Hello 1973! My mom made me this dress." (via)

I don't quite understand what haircut was happening here, and that fabric looks stiff and completely uncomfortable. That being said, I wish I'd worn my glasses with that kind of confidence. In my mind, she's the girl who might have had some tough times in school, never one of the upper echelon of the middle and high school social scene. But when this girl got to college, watch the hell out!

Another girl with glasses was saddled with the Laura Ingalls Wilder look as well.

"My dress looks like it belongs in the 1870s, not the 1970s." (via)

While she is lamenting her own Big Love-style dress, I am in awe of her sister's outfit. (At least, I'm assuming it is her sister.) I always like something with a built-in, short-sleeved bolero jacket--in MUSTARD.

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