Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Graduation Day

"Lower School Graduation. I swear my mom made me wear that dress. I HATE IT" (via)

On the verge of teen
Body set to grow up soon
Mom still picks your dress

You look like you are
Terrified of seventh grade
Now that Six is done

Shell Shock on your face
No room for you to smile
Teacher peeks around

Monday, May 24, 2010

Where's the flood?

"R**** and J*** in matching highwater pants and pink shirts buttoned to the top. What was my mom thinking!?!?" (via)

Here's what mom was thinking--you are out in a field, there could be large piles of cow dung and should you step in one, you'd only have to change your shoes and the pants would still be clean.

The shirt? Those I have no explanation for.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jump up for joy

"The continuing saga of my embarrassing childhood.
I was trying desperately to make this outfit look cool. Sigh, I don't think anyone could." (via)

Jumpsuit unbuttoned
Is it to make it cooler?
It is still Hot Stuff.

Let's not even talk
about your orthopedic
shoes with white laces

Faux ivy growing
from your puke green shagginess
Mickey likes it all

Is that man behind
trying to do the hustle?
Pink pants are snazzy.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ahoy there Sailor(s)

"yes, my early childhood was filled with lots of matching outfits." (via)

Hey there sailor boy, and boy, and girl
Your freak flag? It does unfurl.

You ride a horse, out to sea?
The mix of themes confuses me.

Sailor hats, like a beret
Should I enter in the fray?

Sunset clouds, pink and blue
Background pales next to you

Three Musketeers you siblings are
A I admire from Afar.

Friday, May 14, 2010

What the hell is a Kipper Tie?

"Yeah, yeah, kipper tie!...can't believe my mum dressed me in a shirt and tie to just PLAY!....But, look closely, (I'm 4 or 5 here, back in 1972/3) at that train tunnel...upside down!!" (via)

At myparentsmademewearthis, I am all about your education. Thus--what is a Kipper Tie?
"A Kipper Tie is a type of necktie primarily fashionable in Britain in the mid 1960s to late 1970s. The primary characteristics of the kipper tie are its extreme breadth and often garish colors and patterns." (via)

How did these ever go out of fashion??

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Safari Time, in Pink

"My Mum and I.
Yes, it's me in my bubblegum pink safari suit. My mum dressed me in safari suits if we went to the zoo, birdpark or anywhere with a lot of animals!!!!!
Seconds after this photo, the horse tried to eat my scarf. I was delighted of course!!!!!" (via)

I love your outfit
Bubblegum Safari Girl
Sometimes Mom is right.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Uncle Made Me Do It

"OMG! This photo is dated. You see me, my sister, and one of my uncles. I guess I'm about 4-5 years old here, with my sister being 2 years younger. You can't blame us for those matching hand-made, multi-colored outfits! It seems my uncle was getting married, judging from the bouquet in his hands. The hairdo, the throatcut collar, the bell bottoms, and the glasses (are horrible) must have been very fashionable." (via)

This Uncle, and these outfits, completely f---in' rock. As does that car--and where the heck are those license plates from?

I really wish I had an uncle who kicked this much butt.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's all Mom's fault--and we love her for it.

A quick post today--because I'm spending the weekend with my mother, of course! Get off the computer now and send your mother a card!

For now, let's think about what mother's are.
Mothers are always thinking about our future. Character development anyone?

"Me, circa 1973. Young, carefree, content to look like the lead in an After School Special. (My mom forced me to dress that way; it built character.)" (via)

Mothers look out for our personal safety, here and abroad.

"The only thing more embarrassing than the pink striped dress was the fact that my sister and I were dressed alike. We were traveling along and my mom wanted to make sure we wouldn't get lost. Not a chance dressed like that!!!" (via)

And of course, our mothers value our education.

"girl scouts? was never in girl scouts. Oh, that's right! It's the first day of school and my mom dressed me to match the couch. 'Preciate that Mom:) I'm just wondering at what point you decided to tie a ribbon around my neck. As if the socks weren't enough you were like "hey, I know what would make this outfit even more awesome...a bow...tied around her neck!" (via)

Mom, thanks for all you do, and to everyone, enjoy your mother's day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bahamanian Bell Boy

"I'm not really sure why they decided to dress me up like a Bahamanian bellboy, but apparently this is my easter outfit, a great look for me." (via)

I am a fan of the concept here--instead of the belly shirt, the belly suit. Always cute with mint green and orthopedic socks.

And clearly, this family loved their suits--here's another.

"Me in Suit.
So with this outfit it is apparent that my parents thought I should be a CPA or some sort of banker. Wow that's a horrible haircut." (via)

Alex P. Keaton, with irregular bangs, and a god-awful fireplace, clearly the preferred backdrop for all special family photos. Was this one induction day for the Young Republican's Club?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Me and Mini Me

"Sometimes I really wonder what my mother was thinking when she dressed my sister and me..." (via)

For what occasion would outfits such as these be worn?

I am wondering if the way to tell the younger child is the short pants-pigtails versus the "big girl" outfit--long pants and hair down. Very grown-up.

My favorite? TV trays. Nice. (Do those balance well on shag?)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Toughskin Cutie

"First Day of School-September 1973. Me in that Vintage 70s' attire.
All spiffed out in hip burgundy vest, short sleeve dress shirt and cranberry red toughskins.
Christ, was what my mom thinking." (via)

Let me share something crazy with you--Sears STILL makes Toughskins!

They do not, however, make anything like the hideous crocheted vest this poor boy was saddled with. Did that belong to his older sister? It really undermines the idea that anything else he is wearing could ever be considered "Tough."

Need a Toughskin education? Check this out: