Sunday, February 28, 2010

None Too Pleased!

"Written on the back by my mom "Not too pleased!" Well, DUH, look what you made me wear!" (via)

What is a jacket without a collar called? It's not a Nehru jacket, so what is it? Does anyone have the answer for me?

And with the turtleneck--Oh so suave. (And by that, I mean SWA--VAAY)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

They're crazy and they're kooky

They're positively spooky.

"Our parents had weird taste in clothes...The reason we both looked so glum was because I had just bullied my sister into swapping her socks with me as I thought the red ones were nices. I argued that our parents had given her the red ones (better ones) to her instead of to me because they liked her better, which I thought was mortally unfair." (via)

Alas, no poetry this morning. But running through my head is the Addams Family theme song because of how morose and Wednesday-like these two look. Turn those dresses black, add some pigtails, and the black stripy socks would be the ones they'd fight over.

By the way, TOTALLY agree that the red ones are better. Hope she worked that out in therapy later because clearly, her parents hated her.

Friday, February 26, 2010

I dare you to make fun of my outfit

"I haven't forgiven my parents for the way they dressed me when I was ten..." (via)

Why so glum my little friend?
Did this outfit show a trend?

Of fashion choices from mom and dad,
I know, I know-They made you sad.

Stripes and plaid and stripy collar
Perhaps a look meant to mean scholar?

Stare tells us you ARE the man,
but that big big collar? Whew--hot damn!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

What outfit is right for raising the Lord?

This rainy day, thoughts turn to Spring
And all the joy that Easter brings.

"Used Car Sales, Electronics Pitchman, or Cattle Auctioneer?
"I suspect my parents dressed me in this hideous suit for Easter. I hope it was not career planning.
Of course my sister, who was/is not a girly girl at all, is not much better off." (via)

Brother and sister, bonded forever,
With lace and plaid, their link won't sever.

Plaid to welcome back the Lord,
I bet in church they sure were bored.

Ruffles make the day so nice,
After lent, return to Vice.

Lapel button reads the Letter M,
This photo here sure is a gem.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay

I wear plaid all night and I sleep all day. (Okay, not so much with knowing the words but sing along with me.)

"I had to wear some of my boy cousin's hand me downs." Circa 1973. (via)

When I work, I wear short sleeves,
Even when it's cold and I start to sneeze.

My boy cousin's shirt sure looks girly,
I bet when he wore it, he felt a little surly.

I look pumped up, and kind of bulky,
but despite it all, pretty happy go lucky.

I wore my plaid like a lumberjack should,
even though choppin' wood was not my livelihood.

Why was the furniture behind me all covered?
what's underneath is yet to be discovered.

Why did houses then kind of look like hotels?
With ugly carpeting, and lots of weird smells.

I hope I grew up to dress a whole lot better.
Perhaps something lovely like a glittery Christmas Sweater.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who wears short shorts?

Is this a family photo, or a childhood mug shot?

"Me, 2 y.o...I hated those clothes, they itched!" (via)

He looks stunned. Perhaps the stripes are hypnotizing him? And of course, complete with the zipper neck, knee socks, off-center plastic chair. And the shorts that look wedged up his bum.

My question is, was this a formal portrait, or was he at a photo shop, having a passport picture taken and not knowing what to make of it all?

Or, was he in the hot-seat on a child's television show? Struggling to come up with the answer for a tricky one on kids say the darndest things. The pressure to know what kind of animal says Moo! Or what it means to be married!

Oh, yes, kids are funny. Ain't they?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Evolution of a Nerd

"...what the heck is up with that outfit? Really--was my mom color blind?" (via)

I think about this mother's choice
and hope dear readers will rejoice.

This chiquita is so stylin'
Her sweater vest--just so beguiling.

She sees herself a Nerd-in-Training
a phrase I find so entertaining.

Her vest will ward against the chill.
Lace collar gives me quite a thrill.

The haircut from 8 Is Enough,
Layer after layer-jagged and rough.

Perhaps her mom loved Willie Ames,
despite his rampant drug use shame.

Maybe she loved sweet Adam Rich,
As Nicholas Bradford he did bewitch

But I think mom just had bad taste
for choosing dress with collared lace,

vest in orange, burnt and itchy
sure to make a young one twitchy.

At least this Nerd will grow to know,
that I sure love her outfit so.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The dress so nice, I'll show it twice!

I know you've been waiting, with eager anticipation, for me to return from a winter sojourn in Costa Rica. Wait no longer and thrill to the loveliness of lace, puffy sleeves, and a whole lotta mess.

It's always good to have a dress that seems to grow with you, especially when it's one you hate!

"My mom loved this dress. She made me wear it for all sorts of occasions, including every single Spring Sunday and holiday. I remember the sleeves were itchy, and my arms were always cold when I wore this.I think I was 3 years old in this picture." (via)

"Mom loved the dress so much that we got multiple pictures of it, as you can see. I'm probably 4 or 5 here.Check out those Strawberry Shortcake kneesocks. I loved them! They had THE Strawberry Shortcake herself printed on them, peeking out a window. I called them my "magic" socks because Shortcake's face would magically stretch out every time I pulled the socks up over my calves." (via)

It's always better when a parent soothes the ills of a horrible outfit with SOMETHING ROCKING like STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE SOCKS! So jealous. Seriously.

Not mentioned here: first photo background, brown shag carpeting, curtains, lace and bows in combination, puffy sleeves with lace, multiple pattern and material application a la Project Runway, and frilly double barrettes.
But hey people, give me a break! I just got home from vacation and I'm friggin' tired!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Paint Splatter Background? Yowza!

This photo is small, but packs a punch.

"my mom made me wear this dress." (via)

I am struck by the delicate juxtaposition of the 80s modern paint splatter background (what kind of progressive freaky school did she go to?) and her formal dress-is it really a nightgown-type outfit.

Combine that with the gray carpeting she is leaning on, the lovely pose the photographer insisted on, and the hint of braces and you've got a made-me-wear-this spectacular!

I bet Bandana girl would be jealous of this set of clip-on earrings!

A NOTE: I will be leaving on holiday in about, well, about 4 hours. (Why do I always choose the early flights?) No posts for a week since I will be without e-mail, phone, fax, computer, television, DS, PS2, Computer gaming systems of any sort, Think Pad, I-Phone, or any other form of media outlet. (Can you imagine?)
I know you will all be sad without me, but chin up, I'll be back in action with some amazing items in just a week or so. In the meantime, send your own my parents made me wear this outfits to: myparentsmademewearthis @

And have a terrific week!

Ronald McDonald Liked it!

Really, what better praise could there be for an outfit? Especially since Ronnie Mc D is such a fashion icon!

"I hated that dress, but my grandma bought it for me so mom made me wear it. Ronald McDonald liked it though. :)" (via)

I am disturbed by the strategically, and tragically, placed bow. Or, is it just that the dress is friggin' enormous on her?

Also, I always think pearls for a child's birthday party, don't you?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh La La!

Who says the French aren't fashion-impaired?

"I remember hating the bell-bottoms my mom made me wear. This was the French version of 'Dazed and Confused!" (via)

I'm sticking with the poetry theme,
but I promise not to be too mean.

With hint of mustache--adolescence
in your loving mother's presence.

Crease in your jeans-you are so French!
That swamp behind you--what a stench!

Tucked-in t-shirts on all three,
With Minnie on your sibling's tee.

Mama looks just oh so hip,
on your summer holiday trip.

Your sandals and afro are so delightful,
I only hope to be insightful,
about your mother's message shirt
BOF with that long skirt?

Family vacations-what fun, what fun
Portraits in the summer sun

At least we have these memories
Smile now-and then say Cheese!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An Ode To Bandana Girl

"me, 3rd grade. my mom made me wear this land's end dress i hated, so i sabotaged the picture with a side ponytail, red bandana and clip-on earrings. i don't remember cutting that chunk out of my bangs, though. her best friend loves this picture so much, she still has it framed in her living room."

Oh, Bandana Girl, you've won my heart
With your little bit of art.

Your fashion choice is so perplexing
I'm sure your mother found it vexing.

Bandana shawl, a fashion no-no.
(But you're right-the Land's End has to go-go.)

The clip-on-earrings--ouch, those hurt.
That side ponytail--what a flirt!

Fun with scissors on those bangs.
No telling where this photo hangs!

Coy smirk that tells us where to shove it.
I look at this photo now, and man, I love it.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Family Fashion-the teen years

The family fun doesn't end just because you get older.

"Me and my sis at around 15 and 19. I was a little punk rock then. Thus the multicolored hair. Mom made me wear that get-up, and push the hair out of my eyes." (via)

I have a similarly painful hair memory from when I got my passport photo taken at 16. Let's just say bobby pins, bangs, and a retainer do not a pretty picture make.

I also think every blazer is prettier with lace embellishment, and matching doily-fronted shirt.

I wonder if "punk rock" means she was wearing some kind of ripped jeans on the bottom, and later tried to pass that blazer off with some crazy Thompson Twins t-shirt underneath. That would show her mother, right?

Okay, this does remind me of when my dad came in to my room at around 15, saw my brand-spankin' new Circle Jerks poster and laughed his butt off for about an hour. Especially after realizing I had no idea what the band name meant. But hey, I loved Repo Man!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

An Outfit good enough for the Baby Jesus

"Third grade school picture. I did not want to wear this outfit or hairdo, but Mom made me. She made me wear this outfit (though not the hairdo) again a year later to my first Confession." (via)

I think this girl needs to get over it--if this outfit was good enough for the Baby Jesus, it should have been good enough for her. Of course, there are many comments to be made about SINS and confession in reference to this outfit.

Side ponytail. Big Ass Bow Tie. As my husband pointed out--the formality of the skirt with an elastic waist--always good for a dress-up occasion.

I am also fond of the ponytail holder. I remember being jealous of girls who could figure out how to make these work.

And it's all the better because of her gap-toothed half smile.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pockets are always helpful

And these pants have them aplenty.

"That was 36 years should see the size of the hole in the lawn now!!! My mom made me wear those pants! OMG, no wonder we're not close anymore." (via)

I love photos that are a moment in time. Kid golfing, Dad in the background doing some lawn assessment, and that amazing vehicle that is part tricycle, part golf cart. Dad in his yard work outfit, complete with those white socks and brown shoes, not planning on being memorialized. Kid in the action shot, pants too short but okay for hanging out on a weekend, at least according to Mom. It's the photos we never take, caught up in the moment itself, but perhaps the photos that tell us the most about that time.

That is some deep stuff I'm slingin' there, ya think?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sometimes, it's all about the hair

"This is what happens when your mother decides to get the sepia shots and dresses you funny. What parent would do that to a little girl's hair. Puff ball and two pig tails." (via)

Even baby brother looks stunned at what is holding him. There he is, rockin' his natty bow tie and snappy vest--with a heck of a collar on that shirt--and there behind him, big sister, looking like a mess.

With the sepia, it also looks as if her hair is really a giant tangle, not so much a puffball. I really wish we could see it all head-on, really get the full effect of those side ponytails and how much width and height it all adds to the overall dimensions of her head.

I do have to say, however, that is some cute ribbon on her dress/shirt/smock. Okay, not a winner if you can't identify it, but potentially cute.

Had a bad hair photo? Send it to me: myparentsmademewearthis @

Thursday, February 4, 2010

In Your Easter Bonnet

Today, I'm thinking Spring. It's so darn cold here, and without snow which would at least make the cold feel like fun. Thus, an Easter memory.

"Oh how I hated those hats, shoes and dresses. I felt like such a dork. But my mom was so proud of her little girls all dressed up for Easter..." (via)

My biggest objection in this outfit is to the ridiculous hat, which I believe matches that of her mother. They are perched there, rather than really being worn. And I assume that bobby pins were required to keep them in place?

Other than the hat, however, I can't find fault with much of this outfit.

My analysis of why is because I think the clothes from this period were just so much cuter than the absurd 70s garb I was saddled with. Now, I don't aspire to the matching gloves and the frilly, frilly kind of girly clothes so many kids had to wear. But come on, compared with a polyester leisure suit or Mary Tyler Moore blouse with a bow, isn't this better?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dorks R' Us

This photo comes from a child whose parents were certainly well-meaning, and yet, at least one of their grown children despises these outfits.

"My parents hated us. The truth is finally out. What can I say? Now first of all, this wouldn't be my dad's idea to dress us like would be my mom's. I'm sure she was thinking 'won't the kids look like dorks if we dress them like this, and make them wear these funny hats? Let's do it!' Dad wouldn't have thought of doing this to us. Oh, don't get me wrong...I'm sure as soon as he saw how stupid we looked he said 'I've got to get my camera and take a photo of these dorks!' He would be laughing the whole time." (via)

I have to say, I think they look pretty darn cute, and I would be that dad, taking as many photos as possible for posterity.

Come on--that little girl with the blue coat and dress? Of course, perhaps not the best choice for a cold winter's day. And the boys with bonnets?

Ahh,, when do we become bitter adults? So sad. So sad.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Little Lord Fauntleroy meets Star Trek

This lad claims some classic themes in his two outfits--Star Trek and Little Lord Fauntleroy. What unifies them? The possibility of getting assaulted at school? The fact that they are not really play clothes? Or really, is it just the fact that no child would choose them willingly?

Here he is in what he calls "my star trek outfit."

"I'm sure it was cute at the time, but it seems almost cruel now." (via)

I have to say, I'm not sure this was cute then. The color is like the naugahyde doll I had as a kid--that wierd blue I don't know the name of. I think the doll was called a naugie, and actually, it could have been a Star Trek character if it had come to life. The color seems to be the most Star Trek thing about the outfit since I can only guess he was thinking it looked like the tight uniform shirts worn by Kirk and the boys.

Also, his outfit looks like a dress, doesn't it? Especially when paired with the saddle shoes. And a general saddle shoe issue--they are so slippery on the bottom! What kid can run and play with those?

Thoughts unrelated to his outfit: Mom looks cool in that green dress, doesn't she? And that stroller is awesome, completely uncomfortable looking, and a remnant of the age before consumer lawsuits because I can clearly imagine that baby ripping his toe something fierce on that metal on the bottom.

His family also seems to have had a more general love of the shorts set. Would that be a shorts unitard? Shortseralls? Regardless, the next outfit is glorious.

"I know it's normal for parents to dress their kids in ridiculous outfits...all part of the scarring process...But some of my childhood clothes were particularly bad. here I am as Little Lord Fauntleroy...The socks really make the outfit." (via)

Let's discuss, shall we?

First, once again, Mom looks terrific. That color is beautiful on her, and she is clearly a woman of good taste. How then to explain the apparel she has chosen for this poor boy?

The green shortseralls--yes, that's the name I am settling on--are a bit short. Barely a bum cover, really. The top, with buttons and ruffles, reminds me of a matador jacket. And everything looks like it is almost too small. If only the poor boy had grown just a little bit faster, he might have been spared this photo.

I also like that it has been paired with green tube socks. Okay, I know they are not actually tube socks, but what other kind of chidren's socks come with those stripes at the top?

If only I had the ability to scroll down and see what footwear could possibly have been matched with this. In my mind, in my dream of dreams, oh yeah, you know it's sandals.