Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Little Lord Fauntleroy meets Star Trek

This lad claims some classic themes in his two outfits--Star Trek and Little Lord Fauntleroy. What unifies them? The possibility of getting assaulted at school? The fact that they are not really play clothes? Or really, is it just the fact that no child would choose them willingly?

Here he is in what he calls "my star trek outfit."

"I'm sure it was cute at the time, but it seems almost cruel now." (via)

I have to say, I'm not sure this was cute then. The color is like the naugahyde doll I had as a kid--that wierd blue I don't know the name of. I think the doll was called a naugie, and actually, it could have been a Star Trek character if it had come to life. The color seems to be the most Star Trek thing about the outfit since I can only guess he was thinking it looked like the tight uniform shirts worn by Kirk and the boys.

Also, his outfit looks like a dress, doesn't it? Especially when paired with the saddle shoes. And a general saddle shoe issue--they are so slippery on the bottom! What kid can run and play with those?

Thoughts unrelated to his outfit: Mom looks cool in that green dress, doesn't she? And that stroller is awesome, completely uncomfortable looking, and a remnant of the age before consumer lawsuits because I can clearly imagine that baby ripping his toe something fierce on that metal on the bottom.

His family also seems to have had a more general love of the shorts set. Would that be a shorts unitard? Shortseralls? Regardless, the next outfit is glorious.

"I know it's normal for parents to dress their kids in ridiculous outfits...all part of the scarring process...But some of my childhood clothes were particularly bad. here I am as Little Lord Fauntleroy...The socks really make the outfit." (via)

Let's discuss, shall we?

First, once again, Mom looks terrific. That color is beautiful on her, and she is clearly a woman of good taste. How then to explain the apparel she has chosen for this poor boy?

The green shortseralls--yes, that's the name I am settling on--are a bit short. Barely a bum cover, really. The top, with buttons and ruffles, reminds me of a matador jacket. And everything looks like it is almost too small. If only the poor boy had grown just a little bit faster, he might have been spared this photo.

I also like that it has been paired with green tube socks. Okay, I know they are not actually tube socks, but what other kind of chidren's socks come with those stripes at the top?

If only I had the ability to scroll down and see what footwear could possibly have been matched with this. In my mind, in my dream of dreams, oh yeah, you know it's sandals.

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