Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pockets are always helpful

And these pants have them aplenty.

"That was 36 years should see the size of the hole in the lawn now!!! My mom made me wear those pants! OMG, no wonder we're not close anymore." (via)

I love photos that are a moment in time. Kid golfing, Dad in the background doing some lawn assessment, and that amazing vehicle that is part tricycle, part golf cart. Dad in his yard work outfit, complete with those white socks and brown shoes, not planning on being memorialized. Kid in the action shot, pants too short but okay for hanging out on a weekend, at least according to Mom. It's the photos we never take, caught up in the moment itself, but perhaps the photos that tell us the most about that time.

That is some deep stuff I'm slingin' there, ya think?

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