Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay

I wear plaid all night and I sleep all day. (Okay, not so much with knowing the words but sing along with me.)

"I had to wear some of my boy cousin's hand me downs." Circa 1973. (via)

When I work, I wear short sleeves,
Even when it's cold and I start to sneeze.

My boy cousin's shirt sure looks girly,
I bet when he wore it, he felt a little surly.

I look pumped up, and kind of bulky,
but despite it all, pretty happy go lucky.

I wore my plaid like a lumberjack should,
even though choppin' wood was not my livelihood.

Why was the furniture behind me all covered?
what's underneath is yet to be discovered.

Why did houses then kind of look like hotels?
With ugly carpeting, and lots of weird smells.

I hope I grew up to dress a whole lot better.
Perhaps something lovely like a glittery Christmas Sweater.

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