Saturday, February 27, 2010

They're crazy and they're kooky

They're positively spooky.

"Our parents had weird taste in clothes...The reason we both looked so glum was because I had just bullied my sister into swapping her socks with me as I thought the red ones were nices. I argued that our parents had given her the red ones (better ones) to her instead of to me because they liked her better, which I thought was mortally unfair." (via)

Alas, no poetry this morning. But running through my head is the Addams Family theme song because of how morose and Wednesday-like these two look. Turn those dresses black, add some pigtails, and the black stripy socks would be the ones they'd fight over.

By the way, TOTALLY agree that the red ones are better. Hope she worked that out in therapy later because clearly, her parents hated her.

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