Sunday, February 7, 2010

An Outfit good enough for the Baby Jesus

"Third grade school picture. I did not want to wear this outfit or hairdo, but Mom made me. She made me wear this outfit (though not the hairdo) again a year later to my first Confession." (via)

I think this girl needs to get over it--if this outfit was good enough for the Baby Jesus, it should have been good enough for her. Of course, there are many comments to be made about SINS and confession in reference to this outfit.

Side ponytail. Big Ass Bow Tie. As my husband pointed out--the formality of the skirt with an elastic waist--always good for a dress-up occasion.

I am also fond of the ponytail holder. I remember being jealous of girls who could figure out how to make these work.

And it's all the better because of her gap-toothed half smile.

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