Thursday, February 4, 2010

In Your Easter Bonnet

Today, I'm thinking Spring. It's so darn cold here, and without snow which would at least make the cold feel like fun. Thus, an Easter memory.

"Oh how I hated those hats, shoes and dresses. I felt like such a dork. But my mom was so proud of her little girls all dressed up for Easter..." (via)

My biggest objection in this outfit is to the ridiculous hat, which I believe matches that of her mother. They are perched there, rather than really being worn. And I assume that bobby pins were required to keep them in place?

Other than the hat, however, I can't find fault with much of this outfit.

My analysis of why is because I think the clothes from this period were just so much cuter than the absurd 70s garb I was saddled with. Now, I don't aspire to the matching gloves and the frilly, frilly kind of girly clothes so many kids had to wear. But come on, compared with a polyester leisure suit or Mary Tyler Moore blouse with a bow, isn't this better?

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