Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An Ode To Bandana Girl

"me, 3rd grade. my mom made me wear this land's end dress i hated, so i sabotaged the picture with a side ponytail, red bandana and clip-on earrings. i don't remember cutting that chunk out of my bangs, though. her best friend loves this picture so much, she still has it framed in her living room."

Oh, Bandana Girl, you've won my heart
With your little bit of art.

Your fashion choice is so perplexing
I'm sure your mother found it vexing.

Bandana shawl, a fashion no-no.
(But you're right-the Land's End has to go-go.)

The clip-on-earrings--ouch, those hurt.
That side ponytail--what a flirt!

Fun with scissors on those bangs.
No telling where this photo hangs!

Coy smirk that tells us where to shove it.
I look at this photo now, and man, I love it.

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