Sunday, February 21, 2010

The dress so nice, I'll show it twice!

I know you've been waiting, with eager anticipation, for me to return from a winter sojourn in Costa Rica. Wait no longer and thrill to the loveliness of lace, puffy sleeves, and a whole lotta mess.

It's always good to have a dress that seems to grow with you, especially when it's one you hate!

"My mom loved this dress. She made me wear it for all sorts of occasions, including every single Spring Sunday and holiday. I remember the sleeves were itchy, and my arms were always cold when I wore this.I think I was 3 years old in this picture." (via)

"Mom loved the dress so much that we got multiple pictures of it, as you can see. I'm probably 4 or 5 here.Check out those Strawberry Shortcake kneesocks. I loved them! They had THE Strawberry Shortcake herself printed on them, peeking out a window. I called them my "magic" socks because Shortcake's face would magically stretch out every time I pulled the socks up over my calves." (via)

It's always better when a parent soothes the ills of a horrible outfit with SOMETHING ROCKING like STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE SOCKS! So jealous. Seriously.

Not mentioned here: first photo background, brown shag carpeting, curtains, lace and bows in combination, puffy sleeves with lace, multiple pattern and material application a la Project Runway, and frilly double barrettes.
But hey people, give me a break! I just got home from vacation and I'm friggin' tired!

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