Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who wears short shorts?

Is this a family photo, or a childhood mug shot?

"Me, 2 y.o...I hated those clothes, they itched!" (via)

He looks stunned. Perhaps the stripes are hypnotizing him? And of course, complete with the zipper neck, knee socks, off-center plastic chair. And the shorts that look wedged up his bum.

My question is, was this a formal portrait, or was he at a photo shop, having a passport picture taken and not knowing what to make of it all?

Or, was he in the hot-seat on a child's television show? Struggling to come up with the answer for a tricky one on kids say the darndest things. The pressure to know what kind of animal says Moo! Or what it means to be married!

Oh, yes, kids are funny. Ain't they?

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