Monday, February 22, 2010

Evolution of a Nerd

"...what the heck is up with that outfit? Really--was my mom color blind?" (via)

I think about this mother's choice
and hope dear readers will rejoice.

This chiquita is so stylin'
Her sweater vest--just so beguiling.

She sees herself a Nerd-in-Training
a phrase I find so entertaining.

Her vest will ward against the chill.
Lace collar gives me quite a thrill.

The haircut from 8 Is Enough,
Layer after layer-jagged and rough.

Perhaps her mom loved Willie Ames,
despite his rampant drug use shame.

Maybe she loved sweet Adam Rich,
As Nicholas Bradford he did bewitch

But I think mom just had bad taste
for choosing dress with collared lace,

vest in orange, burnt and itchy
sure to make a young one twitchy.

At least this Nerd will grow to know,
that I sure love her outfit so.

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