Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dorks R' Us

This photo comes from a child whose parents were certainly well-meaning, and yet, at least one of their grown children despises these outfits.

"My parents hated us. The truth is finally out. What can I say? Now first of all, this wouldn't be my dad's idea to dress us like would be my mom's. I'm sure she was thinking 'won't the kids look like dorks if we dress them like this, and make them wear these funny hats? Let's do it!' Dad wouldn't have thought of doing this to us. Oh, don't get me wrong...I'm sure as soon as he saw how stupid we looked he said 'I've got to get my camera and take a photo of these dorks!' He would be laughing the whole time." (via)

I have to say, I think they look pretty darn cute, and I would be that dad, taking as many photos as possible for posterity.

Come on--that little girl with the blue coat and dress? Of course, perhaps not the best choice for a cold winter's day. And the boys with bonnets?

Ahh,, when do we become bitter adults? So sad. So sad.

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