Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh La La!

Who says the French aren't fashion-impaired?

"I remember hating the bell-bottoms my mom made me wear. This was the French version of 'Dazed and Confused!" (via)

I'm sticking with the poetry theme,
but I promise not to be too mean.

With hint of mustache--adolescence
in your loving mother's presence.

Crease in your jeans-you are so French!
That swamp behind you--what a stench!

Tucked-in t-shirts on all three,
With Minnie on your sibling's tee.

Mama looks just oh so hip,
on your summer holiday trip.

Your sandals and afro are so delightful,
I only hope to be insightful,
about your mother's message shirt
BOF with that long skirt?

Family vacations-what fun, what fun
Portraits in the summer sun

At least we have these memories
Smile now-and then say Cheese!

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