Monday, February 8, 2010

Family Fashion-the teen years

The family fun doesn't end just because you get older.

"Me and my sis at around 15 and 19. I was a little punk rock then. Thus the multicolored hair. Mom made me wear that get-up, and push the hair out of my eyes." (via)

I have a similarly painful hair memory from when I got my passport photo taken at 16. Let's just say bobby pins, bangs, and a retainer do not a pretty picture make.

I also think every blazer is prettier with lace embellishment, and matching doily-fronted shirt.

I wonder if "punk rock" means she was wearing some kind of ripped jeans on the bottom, and later tried to pass that blazer off with some crazy Thompson Twins t-shirt underneath. That would show her mother, right?

Okay, this does remind me of when my dad came in to my room at around 15, saw my brand-spankin' new Circle Jerks poster and laughed his butt off for about an hour. Especially after realizing I had no idea what the band name meant. But hey, I loved Repo Man!

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