Friday, March 26, 2010

Vietnam, Cabbage Patch Kid, and Bershon

"My dad made me wear this hat.
Early bershon with fake Cabbage Patch Kid. About 8 here.
I wanted a &$^#@% BOY Cabbage Patch kid (which my mom told the lady who made it) and then my mom came home with this stupid girl). I think the first thing I said was 'eh, whatever. WHERE IS MY BOY!?!" (via)

Vietnam and rice
in the field with your big hat
is all I think of

Fake Cabbage Patch Doll
Oh where is your boy?
Homemade makes it worse

Did your parents not
show their love and wait on line?
Riots at toy stores.

Bershon is perfect
to describe your discontent
Did it just get worse?

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