Monday, March 15, 2010

Thank you Mom and Dad

"Oh sure, laugh it up!
Here I am, five years old at my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary with my sister having a little fun at my expense.
Some of my friends marvel how I can be so casual about getting all dressed up in my outlandish Halloween costumes and going out in public. All I can say is that it looks like my parents may have gotten me an early jump on getting over that little hurdle.
My GOD. Just LOOK at that suit. I mean, the 70s were hard on everyone, but if I saw that one a five year old I'd be calling in child services." (via)

Dear Mom and Dad,
Now that I'm a big boy, I can thank you for the humiliation of my younger years. Who knew that the suit I wore at Nonni and Poppi's anniversary party would lead to a life as an entertainer?

There's always Halloween, of course, and my Christmas Santa Work at that Mall in Indianapolis. But let's not overlook that gig where I had to dress up as a Hot Dog outside that new shop on Burbank and shake my bun. And who could forget my Liberace look-a-like phase?

It all goes back to you two. Big sis, with her big deal career as a Neuroscientist? Ha! What about Friday night improv at that club in the Strip Mall down by the freeway?

My fans and I, all these years later, just thank you for the plaid. You made me what I am today.
Love and Kisses,
Your baby boy.

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