Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's Hammertime!

"I think I was about 9 here. My grandmother graced me with this horrific outfit which is actually all one piece! Ack! it's a floral jumpsuit with tapered (MC-Hammer-esque) legs and an attached vest! It's a trifecta of fugly! My neighbors are only posing next to me because they are so hypnotized by it." (via)

Can't touch this

Fresh new kicks and pants
You got it like that now you know you wanna dance
So move out of your seat
And get a grandma outfit and catch this beat...
Cold on a mission-a fashion attack
Let em know that I'm too much
With my jazz shoes that u can't touch...

U can't touch this
Look man u can't touch this
You'll probably get hyped boy
Cause you know your grandma's just not fly
Ring the bell school's back in break it down
Hammer time

Every time you see me, that outfit's just so ripe
I'm dope on the floor but these pants suck on my bike
Now why would I ever start wearing this
with others makin' outfits that just aren't s---
Neighbors incognito, embarrassed to be seen
Poor little me, I had to wear, Grandma's outfit just so mean
It's Hammer go Hammer
mc hammer white girl hammer
and the rest can go and play

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