Saturday, March 27, 2010

I love Ziggy

"Me thru the years (and what years they were - ugh!)
This is the main reason I have a polyester phobia even today. Now I'm a strictly 100% cotton, machine wash, tumble dry kind of guy.
(note to mothers - this is what happens when you think you're buying stylish clothes for your children.)" (via)

I think Mom did this just so we could have this AMAZING photo montage. Ziggy, through the years.

He actually reminds me of my 11th grade Social Studies teacher, also named Ziggy--I know, can you imagine that there are so many of them? One Halloween, he taught the entire class with his zipper down and the ends of his button down shirt sticking through the fly. I have to admit that we were not above calling it "Ziggy's Halloweenie".

My mom says I should say he didn't do it on purpose because I am making him sound like a freaky perv--her word choices. He was really a nice guy and after I graduated, he and I had lovely conversations about history. See? I'm not all snarky and mean!

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