Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A shirt for a picnic?

"What am I wearing? No. Really. What in the HELL and I wearing? I'll tell you what I'm wearing. A tablecloth. That's what I'm wearing. Know how I know? Because my mother made me this shirt. And she made a tablecloth OUT OF THE SAME MATERIAL. I &%$^ you not. Look at my dad. He's all 'Yeah, I have NO idea who the redheaded ruffian is. Where's my beer?" (via)

Photo too small and
clearly meant for a wallet
in Dad's back pocket

Red head and beer gut
Horizontal stripes-oh my!
Blue Blocker glasses.

Clinging to Daddy
saying save me from sewing
Mom has a hobby

Tablecloth clothing
A mistake in the making
Resourceful at best

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