Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm Seeing RED!

"The twins? Our mother delighted in dressing us alike, even thought we are 18 months apart." (via)

Mom apparently also delighted in Candy Stripers and Clown collars.

Where can I get a cardboard mantel?

"Twins Part 2. No wonder I hate wearing red." (via)

"There is that damn red again...and my sister laughing at me." (via)

Here's a Poem I found, by a young writer, which I think speaks volumes about the color red. It's called "Red."

Red is a symbol of love with the heart
Like a married couple, until death do us part

Strawberries and cherries are red
Eat them with whipped cream when you're sick in bed

Red beans and rice at Popeye's
Oh chicken with red meat inside

Black and red; colors of the devil
Oh believe me I'll never be on that level

Strawberry juice is good to me
Well I guess red is the color for me"

By Cherry Roy
(and I am not lying about the child's name--I swear!)

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