Sunday, March 21, 2010

Can I get a macrame plant holder to go with that?

"I think that this photo dates from 1971. Notice that my sister and I are sporting the Jane Fonda hairstyle from the movie 'Klute.' The vests we are wearing were handmade by our neighbors who were 3 sisters who were all old maids and sharing a house...think golden girls. Their names were Lily, Ruth, and Loretta. During the summer, while we were all outside playing, Lily would call us over and do some quick measurements. At Christmas we would receive a handmade gift from them." (via)

The story is so sweet, I am having a hard time being snarky, darn it.
Spinster sisters, crocheting away. I see rocking chairs and cats.

I consider this a my-parents moment because if the spinster lady makes it, you kinda gotta wear it! (I am fond of the constrasting colors of these vests so as not to match too precisely. Nice.)

That brother is a lucky boy--simple red sweater vest. Phew. No wonder he's grinning instead of grimacing! (But why is Santa gripping his arms so tightly?)

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