Monday, March 1, 2010

Technicolor Dream Outfits or "My mum rite took the piss"

I have been saving this for something special, and today felt right.
Just an ordinary Monday, about to be made extraordinary--and completely beyond my poetry skills. What follows is so amazing, it has completely taken away my funny.

"My mum rite took the piss when she dressed me when I was little" (via)

Okay, this outfit is admittedly awful, but just wait. It gets soooooo much better.

Is it a tunic? A dress with leggings? A stiff circus tent? Madison says "It looks like a clown threw up on that." Agreed, my friend.

With an outfit like this, you don't want to go subtle with the shoes either. (Mom's black flats with buckles are just so out of touch with the rest. So Marks & Spencer when compared with the fashionganza that is her top and pants.)Her youngin' has the right idea--Purple and Blue just set off the ROY G. BIV so nicely.

And today, we are not even talking about the hair. Enjoy your Monday.

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