Friday, December 18, 2009

Shabat Shalom and Happy Hanukah from My Parents Made Me Wear This

Occasionally, I will feature outfits that someone, somewhere, is making their child wear. Tonight, these outfits honor the festival of lights. And in this case, these children have been forced to wear these lovely creations, at least for the time it took to take the photos. 

No Hanukkah celebration is complete without a very special outfit to wear. Let 1-800-Dreidel help you find just the right thing. 

This dress, which is a bit short for my taste, will make your little girl "a princess every Shabbat at preschool or at home. Soft poly/cotton pink dress is all hand-painted...Has candles, kiddush cup, 2 challahs, and words 'shabbat shalom." I'm relieved to hear that it has TWO challahs, because one is never enough. 

Nothing says honoring the past like a white sweatsuit, and this "adorable unisex outfit is...hand-painted and machine washable. Everyone notices a child wearing this to the Hanukkah party." Yes they do, don't they. 

Why should the little ones be left out of the holiday fun? Now, they don't have to be, with this stunning Hanukkah bib. This "newest Hanukkah baby bib is cuter than a picture can show.
Is it really? Let's hope so!

"The colors are brighter and the design is adorable. The menorah is dancing, the dreidels are spinning, the candles are singing, and the gelt has smiley faces." Dancing menorahs? Candles singing? Oh, the Hanukkah frivolity!

But don't think your older kids are left out of the Hanukkah celebrations! This "cute design says 'I light up for Hanukkah' referring to the Hanukkiah below. DOES NOT ACTUALLY LIGHT UP."  Well, forget it then! (And is that a scrunchy on her wrist, because at 1-800-Dreidel, they've got those too!)

And just to make sure that all stereotypes are well represented, 1-800-Dreidel also has bagel bibs, for your baby's "formal dinner attire." When our son was little, he attended any number of formal state dinners and black tie events, and this bagel bib would have been perfect. 

I thank 1-800-Dreidel for these stunners and hope that in years to come, as this blog grows through the generations, the same children pictured here will submit these photos as what they were forced to wear. Happy Hanukah everyone!

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