Monday, December 28, 2009

Because plaid looks good on everyone

Today, I am thinking plaid, liking school uniforms--and hoping to inspire some of you to send in your own hated school apparel.

Here's why I think this qualifies for My Parents Made Me Wear This: In my house, my son is resigned to the idea of school, and feels that the only reason he must go is because we force him. A uniform would merely be the icing on the forcing him cake.

The first photo for today is a bit confusing. Was it communion day? Why were these girls wearing veils in addition to their uniforms? And why did the girl in the middle not have one?

Here is what one of these women has to say about this lovely ensemble:
"The fashion dictated by my Catholic grade school...Green and gold plaid jumper no higher than an inch above the knee, preferably below. A choice from a wide selection of either white or green socks. Shoes judged to be sensible by a panel of nuns. Failure to comply resulted in death." (via)

She doesn't mention the veil, but I'm sure it was considered a critical part of the equation.

As a woman with olive skin, I find the next photo even more appalling. Who thinks that YELLOW is a good choice for these poor girls??

"...It often takes quite a while till we can bring ourselves to wear anything the colour of our old school uniform. The colours of mine were maroon and yellow.
Here you can see Class 2X, with form teacher, Miss Cooper (alias Kiss Mooper) in the summer of 1970. The uniform was in the transitionary stages from belted, gathered, solid yellow dress to shapeless sacks with a patter of fine white grid lines on yellow. I can also see the two allowed styles of regulation indoor shoes, for of course, no young lady would dare to wear her outdoors, indoors...I am horrified to note that sevearl members of the form appear to be flouting the 'no more than 3 inches above the knee' rule. Kiss Mooper's hemline seems dangerously high as well. It is no wonder that by 1972, one or two of the staff began to wear trouser suits." (via)

Trouser suits sound lovely too, don't they? Were they worn with shirts that had large bows at the collar?

There are also a few girls in the front row who do not have their legs crossed at the ankle. Sluts!

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