Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas Kids!

Tonight, I dedicate to Christmas. What is the reason for the season? Things like this...

Courtesy of Life is Dynamite, here is Dana. "Me with Santa at age 6 in 1972. This picture explains so many things, most notably my fear of matching outfits. I hated this outfit so much and I had to wear it because my fabulous Aunt Mimi...bought it for me. Undoubtedly the only unfabulous thing she ever did. I remember wearing it to school and standing on line in the cafeteria pretending to be invisible in my head so I didn't have to see if anyone was making fun of me...and it was itchy. Doesn't Santa look thrilled?" Yes, Dana, and so do you. 

In an obvious sign of hindsight being 20/20, the mother of these three has actually apologized to them.  "Here's an apology...If the clothes I put on you hurt your self-esteem or damaged your psyche, I am soooo sorry. The damage done has made you stronger adults." (via)

Let's hope so. 

"Can you ever forgive me? I actually made this sweatshirt dress. It was an original, wasn't it Baby Girl? Surely no one else on the planet had one of these. Again, a lovely homemade bow accompanied the ensemble." (via) Even Santa looks stunned. 

 Of this one, Mom says "we thought the perm would never grow out. What kind of mother would have chemicals put on a child's hair???" (via

Sometimes, it's up to me to speak for the children. According to her mother, this little one has 6 separate Christmas outfits, one for each of the holiday events she will be attending. Destined to be a future poster because what child doesn't want to deliver a Christmas message via embroidery on their butt? Either that, or wearing a tartan beret. 

This final holiday entry for tonight is included not so much for the Christmas vest, although that has its merits. 
My larger concern, beyond this child's fashion victimhood, is the fact that this kid is being allowed to put a glass ornament in his mouth, small hook end of course, only before he takes it out of his mouth and puts it in that uncovered outlet! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays to all our friends and loved ones!

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