Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's all in the family

Tonight begins with a story.

The day was gorgeous for holiday photos, and yet, little "Emma" just wasn't feeling it. 57 photos, and many tears later, here's what they got. (And mind you, her cheeks are rosy not because of a charming winter glow, but because, that's what screaming and crying do to a girl.)
She hated the red velour dress, and her 3-month-old baby sister doesn't look thrilled either. Even now, more than twenty years later, she says:
I call this one "Traumatic Christmas Card Photo Shoot of '88"

I'm particularly fond of the double-breasted velour. If this was the best final product, I hope the photographer was either paid well, or never worked again.

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The next is a series of family photos-Young "Sally" in her youth.
"Sally" doesn't remember exactly what that was on her head. A Beaver mask, perhaps?
Yet even now, she dislikes the way her belted mom jeans and polo were designed to make even the youngest wearer look like she has hips. Was the Beaver Mask to distract from the outfit?

This one could be called "Outfits my cousin wore that I hated." (We're not going to talk about the Barney bib.) But the white boots and short-sleeve blazer are certainly a crime against fashion nature. And is it my imagination, or do the boots actually have FRINGE on the sides? Who knew the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders recruited so young?

When she went to school, things weren't much better for young Sally.
While others smiled their way through their pre-school experience, poor Sally faced the world in Acid Wash shorts. And with classmates like the guy on the left, with the fab pink shorts and matching tee, who could blame her for her tears in this photo?

It is a reaction to these family and school traditions that has made young Sally into the finely-honed fashion innovator she is today.
Of course, here was her competition:
Young Sally's sister was kicking butt and taking names. Look how she rocked that swimsuit, with the dance skirt that hopefully, someone else bought for her and made her wear because, sheesh, that is a piece of work.

But hey, young Sally wasn't takin' no guff. She's layin' down the law in this:
'Nuff' said. Peace Out.

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