Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Child Bride update, Leisure Suits and the Dykes of Tomorrow

A random sampling of fun today.

I was thrilled to get an update after yesterday's post about Jessica. Just in case you've forgotten her, here is Jessica, the child bride, modeling for Dress Ups!

What I didn't know yesterday was this:
"I totally forgot to tell you that they fired
me from the modeling gig because they said the look I was giving had gotten too seductive and it was starting to look like kiddie porn.
" I'm a little afraid that they could even begin to assess something like that!

This poor boy was forced to endure this outfit for a NINE HOUR FLIGHT.

"I was 14 years old and was visiting my friend in the Netherlands, who lived in Bilthoven, a small town not far from Utrecht. For reasons that still aren't quite clear (something about good impressions) my parents thought I should wear a three-piece suit for the nine hour flight to Amsterdam. I'm not sure what my friend's parents thought when they first saw me. Maybe they thought every teenager in Canada wears suits all the time." (via)

Oh, Canada. But on the other hand, let me just say how amazing this kid's parents were to let him travel to the Netherlands by himself.

This young one finds the divine, or the divine joke, in the 70s fashion foisted upon him by his parents.

"Now is as good a time as any to mention one of the funniest style jokes God ever played on the U.S. when He convinced people to think Leisure Suits were cool. Here is an extremely embarrassing picture of myself and my parents. Wow, my mom and I are in matching suits that she made. That’s awful." (via)

Finally,while trolling the interwebs, I came across something that I am simply in awe of, and a little jealous for the cache of amazing photos it already holds.

Let me preface by saying that here in Northampton, Massachusetts, we are proud to claim ownership of the title the National Equirer once gave us.

That's right--we live in LESBIANVILLE, USA.
Dykes of Tomorrow is a bit like a family photo journey through our hometown. Let's visit, shall we?

Here's Carly.
"I don't know what my mother was thinking dressing me in this 3 piece suit, but I really rocked it don't you think?!" (via)

And I think I may have gone to elementary school with Lizzy.
"I HATED pink. I despised it and refused to wear the color in addition to any manner of clothing I considered to be "girly." My mother, however, wanted to have our portrait taken and was distressed that I would look like a boy so the only way she would allow me to wear my sneakers and jeans was if I would wear this pink sweater monogrammed so elegantly with my initials.
I started a club called the Tomboy Club, and there were very strict rules against wearing pink or being a "girly girl." Applicants to the club had to do things like crawl through the mud, hang upside down and run really fast."

The Tomboy Club sounds much cooler than the club I started. The Garfield Club, however, did have membership cards for Tara, the one other member, and I. Club activities largely consisted of being able to copy images of Garfield from the funnies each day. Needless to say, membership never really grew and the club disbanded after Tara and I could not agree whether or not to include Opie in our pictures.

Finally, here's Lisa.

"This was a school pic they made me wear a dress for and I wasn't happy about it. The photographer kept telling me to smile and I thought I WAS smiling! But I really hated getting dressed up for these things."
Really, Lisa? I never would have guessed that from the look on your face.

Thanks again to Dykes of Tomorrow for these great pics.

See you tomorrow! (And as always, send your submissions to myparentsmademewearthis at gmail dot com)

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