Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The joy of class pictures

I received this gem last night, and couldn't wait to post it. Here's what this lucky lady had to say about her class picture outfit:

Many decades ago, this might not have been so bad, but it looks really awful now! Whenever my mom found something "cheap", garish or not, she bought two. I think I had this same outfit in purple and white! Can't stand the hair either.

Perhaps in Purple and White it would have looked like a school marching band outfit?

This poor young lady is a vision in brown and yellow. Add some avocado green and she might have matched many kitchen cabinets of the period. Here she is clearly thinking "why am I stuck here with this baby, this woman wearing sunglasses inside, and wearing these ridiculously enormous bows on my shoulders?"

If only this picture let us see if this outfit is a dress, or a romper. At least her glasses look retro-cool now

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