Sunday, December 13, 2009

Let's Begin, shall we?

Okay, I will get to my own family photos soon--as soon as I get done with that whole scanning business. 
Until then, let's start the week with some beauties I've uncovered. 

Here's one that looks perfect for the church revival this poor girl must have been attending. Dressed as fruit salad, here's what she has to say about this peach of an outfit:

"Hating every minute in my overly fruity dress/hat/shoe combo. Mom was so excited about this f***** dress. Me? Hated it. HATED IT! And you can see it in my 4-year-old-eyes and clenched jaw!"
I love that the shoes are peep toes, with tights of course, because tights are always appropriate when it's warm enough for a tropical sundress!

Of course, the opposite is it being cold enough for shorts in the Nordic lands of Lederhosen. 

Most telling about this one, posted by these children's mother, is "she left the darling little hat behind, and no one was honest enough to turn it in." (via)
Uh huh. Left it behind. Yup. 

And in the spirit of the holidays, this creamy, brown suit. 
Here, Mom says "they don't look all that excited, but I do." (via) Oh the 70s.

This woman fears familiar reprisals from her sibling after making this photo public. 

"Guess I'm now getting old enough that there is no such thing as public humiliation..." (via)
The family that dresses together, stays together?

Coming next, Didier-Urschel-Newman family photos. Oh yes--get ready. 

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