Monday, April 19, 2010

Then and Now

"So there I am, and there i was in 1975. A styling young filipino kid with freakin blonde hair. At some point, my hair went from black to blonde! But more disturbing than being a half asian kid with blonde hair is the corduroy outfit my parents dressed me in for this portrait. I mean, really...Plaid collars, cuffs, and pants? Plaid? Really?" (via)

But oh yeah--he has more to share.

"Horrified. That is my reaction to seeing this picture again, after all these years. Horrified.
There I was in 1981, still a good lookin' kid, ...And on picture day, this is how they dressed me. Blue V-neck sweater vest and that shirt. Oh GOD that shirt!" (via)

In my sphincter, I can feel the sound of that old timey photo album paper, lifting noisily from the stick 'em pages of cherished family memories. Crinkle. Crinkle. Crinkle.

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