Monday, April 26, 2010

Pastel Prostitutes

"This is why i blame my mother for all my problems.
Easter Sunday, 1973.
I still have arguments with her over the way she dressed us. seriously, look at these skirts. what the hell was she thinking?
To this day all i have to say to her, when discussing why I had no friends when I was younger is: YOU MADE ME WEAR A DRESS WITH A CLOCK ON IT!
Now I have to go find a picture of that dress. But for now, gaze on the ridiculousness of these easter outfits. Was she training us to be a weird posse of pastel hookers?" (via)

Pastel Hookers? All I can think of is my girl Donna.

Toot toot, ahhhh, beep beep. (insert whistle here.)
Toot toot, ahhhh, beep beep. (insert whistle again.)

Bad girls. Talking 'bout the sad girls, yeah.
See them out on Easter day,
Sportin' all kinds of fashion,
that they mama made.

You ask yourself-
Who they are??
Like anybody else, they wanna be a star.
And they never will be in these damn ugly outfits their Mom made for them because they are so hideous and awful and way too short and they make their legs look even skinnier and how is that possible? (Okay, off song there. Sorry.)

I desperately want to sing now, just to horrify you, but my husband doesn't think I should be singing Donna Summer. Hmmm.
I must also confess that my friends and I, despite being only 8 when this song came out, had whole dance routines made up to accompany it. And those said routines included our own rendition of a prostitution stance. Shaking our hips against a lamp post-scary.

None, however, equaled this rendition with Donna--and Twiggy! I know--Twiggy? You will soon see, however, the absolute power of the rockin' spandex jumpsuit.

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