Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tacky in the 80s

"Tacky in the 80s.
What was my mom thinking dressing me in pink ruffles?" (via)

Is that all she has to say about this? REALLY?? If I didn't have a cold, I would be doing a recitation or ditty FOR SURE. Instead, a bit of poetry:

Freaked out baby, lying there
Starting to become aware.

"Will I grow to be like them?"
Holy Crap-this photo is a gem.

Dad in t-shirt, Mom in shock,
never expecting such a flock.

All sitting low against the "sky"
The kids? As teenagers, they'd rather die!

Girl in ruffles, tongue is out.
A bit of chaos there's no doubt.

Missing teeth and funky clothes,
So much here I could expose.

The whitest family I've ever seen,
And now they grace my little screen.

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