Thursday, April 15, 2010

Polygamist Couture

"Apparently, Mom might have been from Utah.
I watch a lot of "Big Love" and in diggin around for a picture...I came across this old Chritsmas photo...(78 or 79 I think).
What is God's name was my mother thinking?
Little nerds on the prairie. Since when did my mother have a Laura Wilder fetish? We look cut right from the cast of Big Love. P---- looks ready to be married of to the prophet, and jesus,
K---- looks like Mork. I'm not even going to start on my short bus sense of style. And people wonder why I got beat up all the time in grade school.
This is just so wrong.
Of course, kids today dress like Britney after a cocaine bender so maybe polygamist couture isn't all that bad." (via)

I am in awe of this guy. Not just the photo but the wit to match. Well-played Mr. Polygamist Couture. Well-played.

One thing to mention. Super Person? Super person? SUPER PERSON?? Is that some kind of clothing tie-in to the Free To Be You and Me album? Because if it were, I believe my mother would have purchased such an item for me. You know, being that she was all women's lib and all that.

Let's have a listen and reflect on just---being.

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