Monday, April 5, 2010

Gramma's House Dress

I love everything about this photo. Of course, my brother's clothing is the best part, but you've got the elusive Grampa O, Gramma in her trademark house dress, me in a coordinated Gramma-bought-this-outfit-for-me-from-Kmart ensemble, the date in the corner, the house number, the clay 'Ortons' plaque that Paul made for my grandparents at camp, the Dopey statue." (via)

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In your pinky K-Mart special, and your Lacy Socks
Haircut dated, shorts ill-fitting and still, this photo ROCKS.

Gramma in her House Dress, resplendent in 80s print
Brother Runner, in his shorts, surely dressed to Sprint.

If his thighs do rub together, I think it will be painful.
You'll glance over, snicker some, and give a look disdainful.

Grampa O, Elusive--at least that's what you say.
My suspicion? The 8th Dwarf, if Dopey had his way.

Perhaps faux brick does hide Snow White, behind your Gramma's dress,
In your pink, I see at least, you're a Damsel in Distress.

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